Automation of your entire logistics process

We offer software solutions that optimise your entire logistics chain. From order processing to planning, from execution to invoicing: our applications cover all process activities and provide link-ups with the external systems of, for example, customers and shipping lines. By automating both internal processes and external links, you can scale up faster, minimise costs and increase security at the terminal.

Inland terminals

Your personal sparring partner

Every terminal is unique. Processes may deviate from the standards and each terminal has different priorities. With more than 25 years of experience, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of your processes and we know where your (automation) priorities lie. In consultation with you, we map out your entire logistics chain and convert your (customised) needs into concrete IT solutions.

Inland terminals

Uses inland terminal automation

Our software application offers a wide range of functionalities per main process. Thanks to our Multi-leg order registration system, transport movements and activities can be registered in detail and progress can be monitored in real time. Integration with Gate Control, OCR portals, Cargo Card and pre-notification via EDI ensure that trucks are efficiently handled at the terminal. Click on the various main processes below for a complete overview of functionalities.

  • Digital order processing (OCR and EDI)
  • Customer Service Monitor (pro-active monitoring of your order flow)
  • Current information sea-going vessel through integrated EDI
  • Multi-leg order registration
  • Interactive planning of ships and trains, including fully integrated EDI connections (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, BICS, water levels)
  • Use of Barge app for real-time control of vessels
  • Integrated wagon/container planning for trains
  • Fully graphical truck planning
  • Use of Truck app for real-time control of drivers
  • Fully graphical representation of the container stack
  • Customs administration including required EDI (Customs warehouse/RTO)
  • Container repair administration including EDI
  • Gas measurement administration
  • VGM/Solas processing
  • Quay planning app for active management of quay occupation
  • Notification of container moves via integrated EDI
  • Processing container release/acceptance via integrated EDI
  • Reach stacker app to control outdoor operation
  • Handling of trucks via self-service kiosk (speed gate) or self-service counter
  • Truck time-slot management system supplementary to EDI pre-notification
  • Checker app for inspection damage
  • Crane app for efficient control of the loading and unloading process
  • Train/wagon app for inspection inbound/outbound trains
  • Integration with OCR train
  • Integration with OCR on crane spreader
  • Automatic (digital) invoicing based on applicable rate agreements
  • Transport invoicing
  • Depot invoicing
  • Processing of incoming statements
  • EDI export of the invoices sent to the accounting department

Remon Versteijnen

Commercial Manager at BTT Multimodal Container Solutions BV

“We are delighted with the set-up of our new multi-leg system. Because it is now possible to record transport in detail, it is possible to provide more information to the customer. The system is also better equipped for the reuse of containers. Modality’s team is involved and has guided us well during the transition to the new system, both within office hours and at weekends.”

Inland terminals


  • De positieve impact van de Barge Planning Optimizer op de planning van de West-Brabant Corridor
    9 March 2024

    The positive impact of the Barge Planning Optimizer on the planning of the West-Brabant Corridor

  • Automatiseringsoplossingen aan de waterzijde
    8 February 2024

    Automation on the waterside; efficient communication between barge operator, shipping line, shipper and terminal

  • Handlings minimaliseren door automatisering stacking rules
    19 December 2023

    Terminal optimisation through automation stacking rules

Inland terminals

Intermodal software solutions

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