Automation container road transport

Our software for container road transport supports all activities within your entire logistics process, from order entry and planning to invoicing. EDI link-ups, such as with HCN Road from Portbase, provide a greater increase in handling speed and an enrichment of existing container data. The extensive automation of both internal processes and external connections makes it possible to optimise your planning and improve the performance of your truck fleet.

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Real-time insight into progress transport

As a road haulier, you want to be able to monitor transports in real time and adjust the planning accordingly. Furthermore, customers continuously expect data provision and status updates. Our truck app is equipped with standard time stamps and ensures that the various loading and unloading moments and other progress milestones are automatically registered. Additional information, such as the weight of the load, the seal number of the containers and such, is automatically uploaded via the app and linked to the transport order in the central system. As a result, administrative actions are minimised.

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Uses automation container road transport

Our software application offers a wide range of functionalities per main process. For example, our order processing module provides a user-friendly order registration that is capable of processing orders for one or more containers with one or more trips per container. Our interactive truck planning contains a graphical overview of the trips that need to be performed and makes it possible to easily combine and split (attach/detach) journeys. Click on the various main processes below for a complete overview of functionalities.

  • User-friendly order registration
  • Preparation for possible receipt of orders by EDI
  • Interactive truck planning
  • Graphical overview of the trips to be performed
  • Easy splitting of rides (attaching/detaching)
  • Easy combination of trips
  • Quick submission of transport order
  • Fully integrated pre-notification by EDI in the seaports (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven)
  • Automatic (digital) invoicing based on applicable sales rates
  • EDI export of the invoices sent to the accounting department
  • Automatic purchasing control based on applicable purchasing rates
  • Integration Map&Guide for automatic mileage calculation
  • Use of Modality Truck App

Patrick Wijnstekers

Business manager at VTO Dubbelman

“At VTO Dubbelman, we are praised for our TMS built from scratch by Modality.
The communication is pleasant. Short lines of communication ensure that we quickly speak to someone who can support us substantively.”

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  • Gebruik van de Modality kraanapplicatie
    26 June 2023

    Optimise using hybrid software: web applications vs local apps, standard vs custom

  • Procesoptimalisatie binnen inland containerlogistiek
    20 June 2023

    Process optimisation in inland container logistics

  • API-koppeling MCA Road zorgt dat UCT effectiever kan plannen en vroegtijdig kan anticiperen op probleemsituaties.
    22 November 2022

    API interface HCN Road allows UCT to plan more efficiently

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Intermodal software solutions

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