Automation inland container shipping

Our software for inland container shipping supports all activities within your entire logistics process, from order entry and planning to invoicing. EDI link-ups, such as with HCN Barge from Portbase, ensure a greater increase in handling speed and an enhancement of the existing container data. The extensive automation of both internal processes and external links makes it possible to optimise your logistics processes and improve the performance of your vessels.

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Real-time insight

You want real-time insight into the progress of your transports that is as complete as possible, both for yourself and for your customers. Using our Barge app makes it possible for a barge captain to easily communicate up-to-date information to the base system, enabling you to anticipate more quickly when necessary. Combined with the real-time status information of the terminals, this provides a comprehensive overview of the progress of the transport. Through a customer portal, the customer has immediate insight into this data.

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Uses automation inland container shipping

Our software application offers a wide range of functionalities per main process. For example, our Customer Service Monitor proactively monitors shipping orders and checks for completeness, logical sequence and feasibility and correctness of all EDI statuses. Our interactive barge call planning offers a comprehensive graphical dashboard with overviews of the calls per terminal and the calls per barge, which can be quickly and easily updated by means of drag & drop. Click on the various main processes below for a complete overview of functionalities.

  • Digital order processing (OCR and EDI)
  • Customer Service Monitor
  • Up-to-date information seagoing vessel via integrated EDI
  • Interactive barge call planning
  • Fully integrated pre-notification through EDI in the seaports (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven)
  • Current water levels via integrated EDI
  • EDI BICS connection for sending the loading/unloading lists by EDI
  • Use of Barge app for real-time ship control
  • Possibility to integrate automatic planning optimisation
  • Automatic (digital) invoicing based on applicable rate agreements
  • EDI export of the invoices sent to the accounting department

Marcel Hulsker

Managing Director at Contargo GmbH & Co. kG

“We have several Modality systems aimed at our rail, waterway, and freight forwarding activities. What distinguishes Modality for me is that they always do what they promise. This Rotterdam mentality and pragmatic approach suit us well. Modality translates our logistical issues into transparent, user-friendly systems and modules. No nonsense, just clear solutions.”

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  • De positieve impact van de Barge Planning Optimizer op de planning van de West-Brabant Corridor
    9 March 2024

    The positive impact of the Barge Planning Optimizer on the planning of the West-Brabant Corridor

  • Automatiseringsoplossingen aan de waterzijde
    8 February 2024

    Automation on the waterside; efficient communication between barge operator, shipping line, shipper and terminal

  • Automatisch plannen met het algoritme van de Barge Planning Optimizer
    31 August 2023

    Automated planning with the Barge Planning Optimizer

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Intermodal software solutions

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