About Modality

Programming movement

Improving processes and making them transparent, responding to shortages in the labour market and raising the level of data provision to the customer; that is what good software contributes to. In order to be able to implement software solutions that align with daily practice, knowledge of the processes is essential. Partially due to our many years of collaboration with our customers, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of these processes and we only need a few words to convert operational issues into innovative software solutions. Sometimes with baby steps, other times with giant strides. We approach every type of assignment with care and attention, so that we support customers in taking their next step in the field of automation, irrespective of the level. Movement is progress.

Responding in a dynamic market

Modality was established in 1996, a time when container automation was still in its infancy. In the years that we have been operational, developments have rapidly succeeded one another. We are proud to have been part of this dynamic market for over 25 years already.

Being able to continuously support and advise customers on automation issues requires an active and innovative attitude. We still attach great importance to experiencing the customer’s operations in person, both in the office and at the terminal; this allows us to maintain a high level of knowledge of customer processes and enables us to develop optimally compatible software solutions.

Customer-oriented DNA

Although we enjoy being involved in major developments, such as decreasing congestion in the port of Rotterdam and reducing emissions, our main focus is on ensuring that our customers’ systems function as optimally as possible today. Customer-orientation and service-mindedness are in our DNA. In practice, this means that our support staff are able to provide content-related assistance rather than just creating tickets. That we take pride in the projects we deliver. And should challenges arise, we (management included) are fully committed to finding a solution.

Working at

Modality is characterised by a flat and informal organisational structure. For the customer, this means interacting with one or more permanent contacts who have substantive system knowledge. For our team, this means room for initiatives and direct responsibility for a project, in which you are involved in the end result and have insight into the benefits that this yields for the customer. Would you like to know more about working at our organisation? Then click on the button below.

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