Customer Service Monitor

Modality introduces toolset for real-time monitoring
Customer Service Monitor offers control over intermodal container transport

Your customers highly value up-to-date information about the progress of their container transport. And for good reason: just-in-time delivery is an essential business requirement for many companies. To enable real-time monitoring of the processes in the supply chain, Modality has developed the Customer Service Monitor (CSM).

In practice, intermodal transport and the – often international – transport of containers involve a supply chain that comprises many links. Actions by all parties involved impact the reliability of the transport process. If all those relevant parties share data from the chain with one another, it becomes possible to centrally monitor the status of the transport. Ideally, you will consequently be aware of the status and position of each individual container in the chain between seaport and hinterland in your capacity as transport director.

Selection based on priority
In that respect, it is particularly important that customer service employees are immediately aware of any deviations in the transport chain. This makes it possible to quickly take the necessary actions when responding to incidents. Processes that run as scheduled can be given less attention. The CSM from Modality offers you a ‘Priority view’, which sorts and presents the containers on the basis of priority. This helps your employees make the correct choice when dealing with issues in order of importance.

The CSM can play a role at any moment in the transport chain. For example, the system checks whether the customer order features all the required data. And the CSM supports your employees with indicators to ensure that the order data is complete in a timely manner.

As part of the CSM, the user is able to set fixed format definitions within the Modality system and for example link these to a specific carrier, so that the system can check these references for correctness when they are submitted. This check verifies whether the entered references comply with the specified format definitions.

Workflow feasibility
The feasibility of the workflow is continuously monitored on the basis of the planned execution of the transport and the data recorded therein. After all, a delay at a certain stage, for example in the seaport, impacts the entire process. This means it must be possible to efficiently adjust the dates of scheduled actions elsewhere in the chain.

It is possible to monitor the transport down to the individual container level because Modality’s CSM is able to consolidate and analyse data from a large number of parties via various interfaces. For example, your customers have the option of providing their order by EDI. This contributes to the quality of the order processing, but also to the data from the deepsea carriers that is available within platforms such as Portbase. Apps specifically developed by Modality enable barge captains and drivers to directly communicate the status of the transport by barge or truck digitally.

Customer Service Monitor Modality

Customer Service Monitor Modality

Filterable overview
The CSM has been developed to be conveniently used across two screens or an ultrawide screen. The overview is fully filterable and allows the user to very quickly identify any problem transports that require action by means of proactive colour coding and a wide range of auxiliary functions. The CSM can be integrated into any Modality ICMS system as a complement to the traditional transport order registration.

With the Customer Service Monitor, Modality provides you with a tool for easily visualising the most current data about the transport process. Thus, progress can be tracked, monitored and analysed right down to the individual container level. And your employees are able to respond should the transport not proceed as planned.

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