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Ad; EDI specialist at Modality

EDI specialist with an iron discipline; get to know Ad

System developer and EDI specialist Ad celebrate his tenth Modality work anniversary this summer! With this significant milestone ahead of us, we like to put Ad in the spotlight.

Party hearty

In 2013, when our Ad was only a little Ad, he came to us as an intern during his Computer Science studies. The pleasant working atmosphere and the good relationship with his colleagues have ensured that Ad continued to strengthen the team of programmers, even after completing his studies. To this day, Ad works with his fellow programmers on developing our customers' applications. Ad has since grown into a true EDI expert. The development of various links and all the innovations within the market makes the work varied and challenging. Still, the working atmosphere is most important to Ad. Ad also likes to socialize in his spare time. We find him with friends at (food) festivals, barbecues or watching Formula 1 races together.


"The informal working atmosphere at our office is most important to me. There is room for jokes, being able to fool each other, and not being too serious. For example, it was great fun to share a sports experience with my colleagues at last year's Harbour Run."

Ad; sporty EDI specialist at Modality

Star chef with iron discipline

Although Ad loves a party and good food, you can't tell from him (to the dismay of most of the ladies in the office). Ad's preferences for both excellent food and sports are a good combination. Both at the office and privately, this culinary athlete is often in the kitchen preparing the most delicious dishes (to the dismay of most ladies in the office) and then converting all calories back into muscle mass in the gym. Rain or shine, Ad also works up a physical sweat at least five times a week. This iron discipline is at odds with Ad's preference for the Spanish lifestyle. Ad secretly dreams of one day owning a holiday home in Spain and learning to speak the language fluently to immerse himself in Spanish culture, cuisine and music fully. So we say vamos with that banana. And who knows, we can celebrate his 20th anniversary on the Spanish Costa ;).

Working at Modality

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