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Meet Tselmeg

Tselmeg; Software Developer bij Modality

Meet Tselmeg: our youngest web developer with Eastern roots

Recently, we were fortunate enough to welcome a new member to our team of web developers. After successfully completing his graduate internship, we were keen to keep Tselmeg with us for a while longer. Together with his direct colleagues, Tselmeg is now working on the development of our new web products; among other things, this involves the development of algorithms and the inclusion of some AI (Artificial Intelligence) elements. In this article, Tselmeg discusses his internship assignments and also tells us more about his Mongolian roots.

Immersed in Dutch culture

Tselmeg’s journey to our web department was literally a long one. He was born and raised in Mongolia. When his father passed away at a young age, his mother moved to the Netherlands to study Accounting and secure work and housing for her family. After temporarily living with his grandparents, Tselmeg followed his mother at the age of twelve. In his family, Tselmeg is big brother to two younger sisters and one brother. It took Tselmeg a while to find his feet, but now the Netherlands feels more like home to him than Mongolia and our young web developer has become quite accustomed to our (sometimes strange) customs and traditions. One thing that still baffles Tselmeg is the fact that Dutch people enjoy swimming as a leisure activity. Nowadays, he literally immerses himself in Dutch culture in the swimming pool in pursuit of his swimming certificates. When asked what he misses about Mongolia, he mentions the climate and the vast polder landscapes. The climate in Mongolia is one of extremes, ranging from 30 degrees above to 30 degrees below Celsius. The day after the interview, the outside temperature is five degrees above Celsius and Tselmeg is at his keyboard wearing a scarf and gloves; could he have unknowingly become more Dutch than he is aware of?


"I studied Computer Science because I enjoy solving problems for customers. I find container logistics interesting. Complex processes are involved, which additionally challenges me as a programmer to come up with a good solution."

Tselmeg; webdeveloper bij Modality


Tselmeg recently obtained his HBO diploma in Computer Science by successfully completing the Application and Media Developer course. Now, Tselmeg is eager to put his acquired knowledge into practice. During his studies, he worked on various projects; among other things, he has built websites, written algorithms and worked with various AI applications. For his graduation project, Tselmeg developed an algorithm here at Modality using AI to improve the support function within our new web applications. In the near future, Tselmeg will support his direct colleagues in the development of web applications using various innovative technologies.

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